Creating content that matters

The Buyers JourneyWant to reach your audience with messages that matter? If you want content to truly reach and engage audiences, you should start by creating buyer personas that give context to the different types of audiences you are targeting.

Simplify the audience. This is much more useful than trying to talk to a larger bucket of “people.” Remember, you cannot be everything to everyone. Target and tailor your message – say no more.

But it’s not that simple. You need to understand the drivers of your segments. Your job? Tap into the mind of the buyer, and move them to engage. Focus on how you can make a connection that will prompt a customer to add your brand or product to their short list. Do this by eliciting an emotional response to the experience that the brand or product provides.

Last, but not least, make sure you understand the customer journey and how your target audience will interact with your company. Figure out where customers engage and how to optimize messages along the way.

Think multi-channel engagement and include customer feedback in the process.The modern sales funnel has changed the way we market, but the customer still needs to move from awareness to action.


Marketers Must Lead with Mobile

Did you know that 40% of consumers reach for their cell phones when they see an interesting ad? According to the Internet Advertising Bureau, as well as other leading industry experts and analysts, mobile usage is becoming the dominant way for brands to interact with customers. Change in consumer habits and media consumption is happening at a rapid pace. Advertisers must take notice and lead with mobile strategies, or risk being left behind.

The latest report from the IAB should serve as a wake-up call to brands who have been slow to adapt to mobile marketing practices and new media consumption. According to the report, consumers interact with brands on their mobile phone an average of 18 times per day, with the mobile Internet being the dominant method of access (up to 70%).

This gives brands numerous opportunities to reach out and engage consumers throughout the day with relevant content and offers. Mobile will continue to play a critical role in making connections with consumers throughout the brand journey.

Content Must Be Optimized for Mobile

Presenting a unified brand message is no small challenge when you consider all the different channels with which to reach the customer, ranging from traditional billboards to mobile media. We live in a complex digital world with savvy consumers who are constantly connected.

What’s more? Consumers are accessing more content than ever via unplugged devices, such as iPads, smartphones, tablets and e-readers. According to a recent report by eMarketer, the average consumer accesses more branded content on a mobile device than on the desktop.

Brand marketers must adapt their content and style, as well as how they are formatting messages, so that it is optimized for all channels. Particularly important in the case of mobile, marketers need to get to the point quickly.

What’s next for marketers? The future will focus on delivering timely, targeted location-based content. The key to getting it right will require leaning into the analytics.